New Home Construction in Hattiesburg, MS

For some home buyers, nothing excites and gets the juices flowing like the prospect of purchasing a NEW home. The smell of new paint and carpeting, unleashing one’s pent up creative nature by way of choosing your favorite colors is a heady experience for many. But these fun and challenging decisions also require a well developed sense of taste and style. Mistakes can be costly in terms of money and anxiety when considering how many years you’ll be living with your decisions.


When counseling new home buyers regarding purchasing a home in Hattiesburg, I always caution them to consider how a future buyer will appreciate the choices made in the final finish out. Your love of the color egg plant for your formal the dining room  could easily be remedied with a couple of coats of paint when you decide to move. But use a good deal of consideration if you decide to use a very “unique” color of granite in the kitchen because you like it, or even more extreme, adding a mother-in-law suite to your new home (for your dear, sweet mama who has no intention of ever coming to live with you in the first place), these mistakes can be costly.

When working with new home construction and the remodeling of an existing home, I always encourage clients to take the “long view”. Give due consideration to the most important design choices you make now, relative to what you think the next owner might like and appreciate!

Many builders work with design centers like Anderson’s Design Center in Hattiesburg who employ top notch interior designers who consult with new home buyers regarding their paint, flooring, cabinets, and the entire range of design options. Their expert counsel is designed to keep costly mistakes to a minimum.

The All Star Team always endeavors to stay abreast of whatever is happening in the market place. Every week, every Monday after our staff meeting, the Team tours our new listings and area new home construction in order that we become familiar with our product.