Riley Curnutt

The Baum Family is thrilled to host the Curnutt Family at out home this Labor Day Weekend! Tonight Riley will perform at the Back Door at University Baptist Church on Arlington Loop. The show starts at 7:30.

Riley is a 12 year old in the sixth grade at Spring Creek Elementary in Dallas. She is an accomplished singer, song writer, guitarist, and actor.

Riley Curnutt
The “AMAZING” Riley

We’re looking forward to a fun filled weekend with lots of musical highlights!

Guest Faculty Chamber Melt Down by the Tristate Piano Quartet at USM Marsh Auditorium

It all started off normally on Tuesday night, 1-20-2015. Four virtuoso faculty performers began Bohuslav Martinu’s First Piano Quartet (1942) when all of a sudden, violist Rudolf Haken began waving his hands for the attention of his fellow performers. It turns out that his iPad foot controlled, page turnin’ device stopped working. He excused himself from his fellow artists and came back moments later with his paper score. I have never witnessed such a calamitous musical event, much less one done with such composure!

Fellow performers; violinist Jenny Gregoire, pianist Robert Holm, cellist Alexander Russakovsky completed the piece followed by Johannes Brahms Piano Quartet no.2 in A major, op. 26 (1861) never missing a beat. They tore up the score on both pieces, and burned the auditorium down. THEY WERE MAGNIFICENT!

Southbound Bagels And Hattiesburg Real Estate

If you know where to look in Hattiesburg, one can find just about anything, including homemade bagels. I’ll admit, coming from Big D, I am spoiled. Just about the best bagel on the planet comes from Cindy’s, a Dallas landmark. Cindy is a Korean, but don’t let the fact that she doesn’t look Jewish stand in the way of you and a schmear. (Yiddish: NYC deli slang for the act of coating a bagel with cream cheese, or anything else that’s tasty)

Recently I discovered Southbound Bagels on the corner of Front and Agnes in Hattiesburg, just across from the train depot. I’ve eaten here twice and each occasion has been interesting, not only for the omelets and bagels (they also serve sandwiches), but for the unique clientele the place attracts. Some of the most interesting people in Hattiesburg frequent Southbound.

If you’re interested in buying a home or getting one sold, give me a call. I’ll show up with the bagels if you provide the coffee, and we can then discuss your home and your unique situation.

Bagels as good as Cindy's in Dallas!
Bagels as good as Cindy’s in Dallas!

Live At Five. Downtown Hattiesburg. Where All The Beautiful People Go.

Are you lookin’ to have fun on Friday afternoons in April in the ‘Burg? Read on …

Live @ Five is a free, outdoor, music event held in Downtown Hattiesburg at Town Square Park every Friday evening in April & October from 5pm – 9pm. The events are sponsored by local businesses and produced by Live @ Five Productions, LLC. Specifically the event is located at the intersection of Buschman and Main. Be there, or be square!

Capturing the RAYS with my best girl Dixie!
Capturing the RAYS with my best girl Dixie!
Dance, Dance, Dance!
Dance, Dance, Dance!


Every Friday in April and October at Town Square Park from 5-9pm for free live music! Food and beverages are sold by locally-owned restaurants including Downtown Grill N’ Grocery, Bianchi’s Pizzeria, Shelton’s Express, Keg & Barrel, Floyd’s Grill, The Bottling Co., Qdoba, and Walnut Circle Grill. You are certainly free to bring your own food and refreshments. Don’t forget to bring blankets and folding chairs. This is a TOTALLY kid friendly event!

The Biggest Oak Tree In Lamar County

I hadn’t been working for DeLois Smith too very long when the two of us took a drive out into the SW portion of Lamar County. Usually there are a bunch of us on Tuesday Tour, but this week it was just DeLois and myself. I thought we would never arrive out GH Anderson to  preview a new listing; this area is remote! Eventually we arrived, and it was well worth the drive.

The house is nice, but the tree is awe-inspiring, measuring 24 yards in circumference! According to the owner at the time, this marvel of nature was planted in the 1860’s and supports its own eco system. I believe it does, it is truly impressive and brings back the memory of some of the Joyce Kilmer verse I first memorized as a grammar school student, “I think that I shall never see, A poem lovely as a tree …

Take A Trip To The Gulf Coast. One Hour Drive From Hattiesburg.

Dixie  and I took a trip to the Gulf Coast,  and specifically Biloxi this past Saturday. We started our adventure by driving way out into the country just north and west of Purvis. On GH Anderson Road is one of the most marvelous oak trees I have ever seen; it is a sight to behold. I simply had to make sure Dixie had an opportunity to see it! By back roads, we continued down to the coast through and past Wiggins where we meandered in the wrong and right direction through some of the most gorgeous countryside you can imagine; bucolic scenes beyond compare. Dixie began to get impatient with the aimlessness of it all, so we pressed on in a more direct path.

We arrived on Hwy 90 in Biloxi in a driving rain storm that caused us to pass up on our planned visit to D’Iberville and the Hot Rod/BBQ Festival they were attempting to have. We both felt sorry for the participants and all the work that had gone into the event seemed to be washing away.

By the time we arrived in Biloxi, we were starvin’. We had definitely wanted to visit the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art designed by Frank Gehry, but time did not permit. We’ll save that excursion for our next trip to the Gulf Coast.

We had researched luncheon spots via Yelp on the way and easily decided on Mary Mahoney’s, an American landmark. Since it was for lunch and we often split entrees, it only cost us a small fortune. Dinner would have been twice as much. We had the stuffed snapper with broccoli, crawfish etouffee, dinner salad, a cup of gumbo, and bread pudding with rum sauce for dessert. I’m not a big fan of entrees “stuffed” but this was the exception! Everything, I mean everything (except the overcooked broccoli, and who cares, I’m talking about broccoli) was delicious. The bread pudding alone was worth the price of admission!

Note to readers with extreme sensitivities; you may not wish to read this next paragraph: The men’s restroom at MM sports a urinal filled with ice. This cool touch is a throw-back to another era, one guys don’t see much anymore! Regarding even the bare necessities … MM is a very classy place!

After lunch we tried our luck at the Beau Rivage across the street. Unfortunately, we weren’t so lucky!

Monster Trucking In Hattiesburg; An Acquired Taste

Last Saturday I attended my first ever monster truck event with my son, daughter in law, and grandson Dawson! Monster Trucking is an acquired taste since I’m sure I’ll not be attending another such event. Let me be perfectly clear; it ain’t my cup of tea. It’s loud, it smells like and is pollution, and it’s really dirty and dusty.

Of course I took ear plugs, and for those who didn’t, you’re nuts! I have no idea how high the decibels went, but they were off the chart, as in painfully off the chart! The clouds of pollutants that hung over the Forrest County Multi-Purpose Center were suffocating and precisely one of the reasons I left the smog infested environs of Dallas, Texas.  I can live happily in Hattiesburg without experiencing self-inflicted pollution, thank you very much.

I’m not clear on the fascination the participants have with kicking up clouds and clouds of rodeo dust and dirt with their huge oversized tires. This red clay dirt ultimately wafts and drifts over the spectators. I for one really didn’t enjoy the “dust bath” and spent the rest of my time trapped at the event looking forward to my next shower.

I did enjoy one aspect of the Monster Truck event particularly. One of the trucks caught fire and burned up. Luckily the driver escaped unscathed. Pity they all couldn’t have gone up in smoke.  At least I would have found that entertaining.